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We established this website to help take some of the mystery and anxiety out of:

  • Soil gas intrusion
  • Methane gas
  • High water tables

and combinations of gas conditions found on typical construction project sites. 

If you are concerned about the costs associated with developing on a Brownfield Site , or in a LA methane zone, let us assist you.

Raycon Environmental, Inc is a methane specialist.
Our focus is dealing with prominent soil gas intrusion on a variety of levels.  We work with the most prominent Methane Engineering Consultants in the Country.   Although our primary focus remains the installation of the methane mitigation systems, our intent is to assist our clients in the entire process.

Most projects begin with straight forward probes of the soil.  Probes are set at random locations at a variety of depths.  They are then monitored to determine the level of soil gasses present at that time.  Once the methane gas or other gas level is determined, the data is analyzed, and the level of hazard determined.  From this data a methane mitigation plan can be designed.

A sound methane mitigation design will combine the data from the Hazardous Soil Gas Assessment report, with the building foundation plans, to develop a system to halt and extract any gas from threatening intrusion into the building.  In addition to the basic design and building parameters, our designers pay close attention to the fiscal ramifications of the materials specified in the plan.

With Raycon Environmental, Inc you get:

  • an experienced methane mitigation system installer
  • real hands-on installation experience

We’ve installed every significant impervious membrane in the market.  We provide our clients with a variety of membrane options and price points.  We use our experience to minimize the costs associated with mitigating soil.  We know and openly share the cost ramifications of a variety of material brands, both spray applied and welded sheet goods alike.

If your consultant cannot tell you the costs of installing, the system that they’ve just recommended to you on your development project, you’ve probably got the wrong guy!  Raycon Environmental, Inc designs to a budget, while incorporating jurisdictional guidelines and specific site conditions. 

We truly are your methane specialist!  



Los Angeles “Methane Zones” effect Developers

Raycon stopping Methane gas in Los angeles How can Raycon Environmental, Inc help?

First and foremost our experiences will help simplify the methane mystery.
We have worked with the nations very best engineering firms in the methane mitigation design field.
Let Raycon help you today.

Unique Capabilities

Raycon Environmental has a rare blend of capabilities not found in many construction companies:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Materials and Systems Engineering
  • General Engineering Construction


What about Water?

The beauty of the majority of the membranes is that they were originally used as water vapor barriers.

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What’s needed to comply?

Once a methane level is determined thru the probe assessment the mitigation plan may take shape. LADBS has provided and Methane Standard Plan which provides excellent guide lines to follow in the development of the site specific plan. The site will fall in a range of Level I thru Level V. As the Methane Levels increase so do the requirements needed to mitigate the dangers of methane intrusion.

Methane Gas

Methane is extremely flammable when enclosed and concentrated.  Otherwise it is odorless and colorless, and escapes naturally into the atmosphere. Although, there are areas in Southern California with naturally high methane concentrations (i.e.…LaBrea Tar Pits)   Most high levels are found adjacent to land fills and/or abandon oil wells and fields.